Thursday, 23 March 2017

Fill Your Life

I love this saying and it really strengthens the reason why I scrapbook.  Living is for enjoying and being in the moment.

A life re-reading the past is a life wasted.

If you have some troubles these can released via a journal or art journal.  I once read a book, a very long time ago and it said if something is troubling you and you can do something to change it, DO IT.  If you are unable to change it, write a letter to yourself.  This letter can be on paper it could also be in wet sand.  The letter could be written in your art journal.  The purpose of the letter is that it goes.  If on paper you can throw it in the bin, place it in an envelope, glue it shut and put it in your journal.  If written in your art journal, paint over it.  You will always remember what you have done but the worry will be gone.

Life is precious so enjoy every moment.

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