Monday, 5 January 2015

Season's Greetings

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hope it was a beautiful day for all.

I owe you all a huge apology. I didn't get my Christmas cards sent.  I made them early and then misplaced them.  By the time they were found the cards would not have been received before Christmas.  The best intentions, sorry.

Leading up to Christmas I was busy creating artwork as gifts.  Also my son turned 21 on the 17th Dec '14.  He had a bit of a party but we put on a bigger one for his 18th.

Below is a piece I drew just for my own pleasure.

Drawing of Sara Donaldson - Blogger: Harper and Harley

Below are some cards that I had made.

Mixed Media made by me

This is another picture I made for a friend.  I used my cricut to cut the letters etc out.

Live Love Craft


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